Brendy Shows Off Full Range of Talent on Latest Release, "Cold Life"

Quick Thoughts: One of the challenges in making music, especially music designed to reach a large audience, is in finding the balance of popular elements: making the song recognizable enough to blow up, but not so mainstream that it doesn’t feel unique. On Cold Life, this is a tightrope that Brendy walks with easy footing -- right from the opening measures, the guitar riff feels familiar, quickly anchoring the listener, but distinct and memorable in a way that interested me from the 1-second mark. Once the vocals start coming in (at first washed with a reverb that adds a nice touch for the intro) and the drums enter the mix, with a punchy feel and hard-hitting 808s, I was sold. Brendy’s vocal talent is certainly at the center of the song, but the production is impeccable throughout the entire track as well -- the pitched-up vocal chops and the way his backing vocals pan from left to right throughout the song are really well done, and add a little spice to keep the track exciting for listeners. This song was a great introduction to Brendy’s ability and a reminder to all that sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Stream on Spotify: