Collin Selman Returns with Latest Release, “Bedhead”

Quick Thoughts: We’ve been awaiting new music from the very talented Collin Selman since last year and he has finally dropped his newest hit, Bedhead. You won’t be able to find another artist quite like Collin – he’s created his own style that you can’t ascribe to one genre. His intoxicating vocals float on top of laidback production, making for a sound that will leave you in awe.

On Bedhead, Collin continues to master his craft. This isn’t a song you’ll listen to once and move on from; you’re going to need at least a few listens to fully appreciate Collin’s work. The way his vocals usher in new sections of the song shows his capability as an artist and upon listening, you’ll find that he’s truly in a lane of his own. We understand that creativity can’t be forced, but Collin’s music is like a drug and we need more of it. For now, we’ll sit back and play Bedhead on repeat.

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