Check Out DESTIN CONRAD's Unforgettable Debut Project, "COLORWAY"

Quick Thoughts: Music discovery can be weird. You might not know exactly what you’re looking for until you stumble across it. When we came across BILL$, the hit single off of DESTIN CONRAD’s debut full-length album, COLORWAY, we knew we had found something special. Throughout the track, CONRAD’s alternative R&B sound proves to be irresistible, as his silky smooth vocals complement the track’s production perfectly. But the icing on the proverbial cake is CONRAD’s subtle confidence, which manifests itself in his lyricism. His songwriting is both pensive and indifferent, creating a general "fuck it" mood sets the tone for the entire track. While BILL$ is our song of the day, the entire album is full of really quality tracks. As far as debut projects go, COLORWAY is pretty damn impressive. You’ll be listening to DESTIN CONRAD on repeat over the next few weeks as you dive head first into this project. Stream the whole project on Spotify: