Cooking Class Drops Groovy New Track "Come Around"

Quick Thoughts: Cooking Class entirely nailed their latest release “Come Around”. This chic summer track combines groovy guitar melodies and smoky vocals to create an impeccably vibey track. “Come Around” is one of those tracks that's impossible to dislike because it’s perfectly chill and could set a vibe in any situation.

Cooking Class consists of two extremely talented NYC natives Sam Horn and Ami Morrison. Despite living just four blocks from each other their entire lives, these artists met in college and began crafting their unique sound. With Morrison’s stellar self-taught production skills and Horn’s mastery on the guitar, nothing can stop the special collaboration these two have going. Writing, recording, and producing everything out of the comfort of their dorm room, it’s clear that nothing can kill the momentum of Morrison and Horn. “Come Around” is just the start to a very colorful career for Cooking Class. Stream On Spotify: