Jack Omstead Releases Summer Bop, "Come Over"

Quick Thoughts: Since releasing his debut single a little more than a year ago, Jack Omstead has rapidly ascended to the top of the independent scene. Omstead effortlessly infuses his pop style with R&B influences, drawing in listeners with his fun-loving lyricism and irresistible melodies. With his latest single, Come Over, Omstead manages to conjure up the perfect song for the summer months ahead. Over an infectious guitar lick, Omstead opens the song up, singing, “We both know it’s alcohol talking this late / But this happened last year so I’m more than just a face.” Throughout the rest of the song, he captures the type of tension that exists between two friends who know that there’s something more between them. With Come Over, Omstead shows off the hint of stardom that has come to define his career. He’s got such a presence about him, and he is a budding star. With every additional release, he continues to impress more and more. Jack is on a tear right now. Stream on Spotify: