Halle Abadi Drops Powerful New Pop Track, "Comfortable"

Quick Thoughts: One of my favorite things to see from young artists is a purpose and a well-executed vision. That’s exactly what Halle Abadi brings to the table. A 20 year-old artist, Halle infuses elements of her Persian, Afghan culture into her dark, enthralling pop style. With powerful vocals and incredible lyricism, Halle impresses in all facets. Her latest single, Comfortable, is an anthemic pop song that features unforgettable vocal riffs, an irresistible rhythm, and powerful lyricism that works to empower women. Halle says, “[Comfortable] is a reminder never to get too comfortable - you’ve gotta earn the things you want.” Halle has been releasing music for the past few years now, and we’ve seen her develop into a powerhouse as her sound and songwriting. She's ready to take off. Stream on Spotify: