Saviah Drops Seductive R&B Track "Complicated"

Quick Thoughts: 16 year old, Saviah drops a smooth new R&B track “Complicated”. Just arriving to the R&B scene, Saviah’s sound brings in elements of indie-pop and neo-soul to make R&B her own. “Complicated” brings divine feminine and seductive energy. Saviah’s delicate yet captivating vocals flawlessly articulate the feeling of yearning for the company of that one person, but understanding that the relationship just isn’t what it used to be.

Native to the Bay Area, Saviah finds endless inspiration in her surroundings. Singing is just one of Saviah’s many talents. Skilled in multiple instruments, thinking creatively, and performing for a crowd, Saviah is going to be truly unstoppable. “Complicated” is just the beginning to an exciting roster of music for Saviah. Stream On Spotify: