Danny Shell Releases Unforgettable First Full-Length Project, "Sourgrass"

Quick Thoughts: Danny Shell caught our attention earlier this month when he released his first EP, “Sourgrass.” Throughout the project, Shell paves his own way, but nowhere is that more true than on Frozen Grapes, the project’s standout single. The track begins with a guitar playing as Danny sings over the smooth instrumental with his comforting voice. But right when you think that you’re listening to your new favorite indie-folk artist, Shell shows off the sonic range that makes his work so remarkable. By the end of the song, Shell incorporates multiple genres, including bedroom pop and R&B sounds into the track as well. With the beat changes and vocal layers used on Frozen Grapes, Shell’s genre-bending sound will remind fans of Dominic Fike. This is a must-listen track on an incredibly impressive debut project. Stream the full project on Spotify:

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For Fans of: Dominic Fike, Alexander 23