Darius King Pops Off on His Latest Release, “Lately”

Quick Thoughts: Up and coming rapper, Darius King, has started off this year with several singles, each better than the last. At only 17 years old, it really feels like he could go bar for bar with rap’s biggest names. Sure, Darius is still progressing as a songwriter, but for his age, it certainly seems like he knows the recipe for success. It’s impressive enough that he’s putting up decent streaming numbers, considering he’s still independent and self-managed. We can only imagine what those numbers would look like with a full team around him.

His most recent song, Lately, which just dropped today, has a whole lot of energy and you’ll feel it within seconds of pressing play. Over a bouncy trap beat, Darius delivers fast flows and adds tasteful melodies to create one of his best tracks yet. It’s clear that he has the confidence and talent needed to make it in the rap game – you’ll be able to identify that on any one of his songs. Lately is already the fifth track he’s dropped this year, and at this pace, it won’t be long before we have a debut project from the young and talented rapper.

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