Michal Leah Releases Heartbreaking Pop Hit, "Delusion"

Quick Thoughts: Over the past year and a half, TikTok has significantly expanded its influence on the music industry; just ask Michal Leah. In that time, the Boston native has gone from posting covers on her TikTok page (and racking up more than half a million followers) to dropping her own original music on streaming platforms. Her latest single, Delusion, out today, is the third track she’s released. As she continues to drop more music, we are also starting to see her develop a signature pop sound, and we can’t get enough of it. Michal will stop you right in your tracks with her vocals, which are rangy and unforgettable. In Delusion, she also proves to be an incredible lyricist, as she parses through heartbreak and acknowledges that moving on from someone you care about is a complicated process. “You can say you’re sorry / Fuck your pity party, but you know I’ll still wonder when you’re home,” she admits. Even so, Michal shows off a Maggie Rogers-esque ability to pair sorrowful lyrics with an upbeat, dance-worthy tune, allowing you to listen to this song while in any mood. Michal Leah has exploded onto the scene with her first few releases, making an indelible impression. We can’t wait to hear more from her shortly. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Maggie Rogers, Sam Smith