loe4t Teams Up with Hadji Gaviota for His First Release of 2021, “Diamond in the Rough”

Quick Thoughts: I’ll admit it: it’s taken me a while to get on the hyper-pop train. With its abrupt beat changes and emphasis on autotune, it can occasionally be overwhelming. Slowly but surely, however, I’m coming around and starting to recognize the crazy amount of talent that is out there making waves in this space. loe4t is a producer from Queens beginning to establish himself as a can’t-miss talent. For his first release of 2021, loe4t teamed up with Hadji Gaviota for the irresistible track, Diamond in the Rough. Making use of a minimalist hyper-pop style, loe4t and Hadji combine for this wholly digestible track that is incredibly versatile. Since the release of Diamond in the Rough, loe4t has also dropped the equally incredible Pick at my Wounds, leaving him two-for-two on 2021 releases. With more singles like these two, there’s no telling where loe4t could be headed in the future. Stream on Spotify: