Terry Presume Releases Breezy New Track, "Did Me Wrong"

Quick Thoughts: Since bursting onto the independent music scene, Terry Presume has established himself as one of the most unique artists we have come across to date. Across his discography, Terry has shown a preference for singing over an acoustic guitar, creating an irresistible contrast between the guitar and his instantly recognizable high-pitched vocals. In his latest release, Did Me Wrong, the Golden Gate, Florida native continues to impress with that same style that first caught our attention last year. Terry’s simple style and understated production allow his talent to shine as he seamlessly transitions from singing to rapping, carving out a genre that is all his own. After listening to Did Me Wrong, you won’t have any choice but to take a deep dive into the rest of his music; you’ll find a trove of really quality songs that you’ll be immediately adding to your favorite playlists. Did Me Wrong is Terry’s first release of 2021, and we hope that this means there’s more music coming shortly. Stream on Spotify:

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