Dora Jar Shows Off Versatile Indie-Pop Sound on "Digital Meadow"

Quick Thoughts: In a world dominated by singles and playlist placements, I still have a massive soft spot for full-length projects. There’s no better way to evaluate the full range of an artist’s presence. A full-length project allows for an artist to show versatility, presence, and vision with cohesion and direction. In her debut full-length project, Digital Meadow, Dora Jar wears her heart on her sleeve across the entire album, as she shows off a versatile indie-pop sound that reminds me a lot of Remi Wolf. One of the project’s standout tracks, Polly, offers a stirring alternative pop style that has roots in electronica, indie, and grunge. This song is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far - it’s honest, refreshing, and revolutionary. I can’t get enough of Dora Jar, and I’m going to have Digital Meadow playing all the way through for weeks to come. Stream on Spotify: