Khamari Returns with New Single, "Doctor, My Eyes"

Quick Thoughts: More than a year after the release of his debut EP, “Eldorado,” Khamari is back with his followup to the critically acclaimed project. His latest single, Doctor, My Eyes sees the Boston-bred, LA-based singer-songwriter and producer take an introspective look at his life, as he reflects on the past year with confessional lyricism. Khamari is as well-rounded an artist as I can think of; his vocals are silky smooth, his songwriting relatable and thoughtful, his ear for melody remarkable. In openly discussing the challenges he’s faced over the last year in Doctor, My Eyes, it feels like Khamari has somehow leveled up. There are so few artists willing to write a song like this. Khamari is simply a unique, world-beating artist. With influences ranging from Frank Ocean, to Sly Stone, to Mac Miller, Khamari still manages to pave his own way and stand out in a crowded genre. Khamari is truly special. Stream on Spotify: