Amira Elfeky Releases Unforgettable New Single, "Dolores"

Quick Thoughts: Sometimes an artist just takes your breath away. You can’t ever predict that it will happen - it’s the greatest surprise in the world. That’s just what Amira Elfeky manages to do in her latest single, Dolores, a delicate bedroom pop offering that shows off her rangy vocals, vulnerable songwriting, and ear for melody. With catchy lyricism and a toe-tapping rhythm, Dolores pulls the listener in from the song’s first line, as Amira sings, “You ruin my life, but I like you still,” setting the tone for the entire track. And throughout the entire song, the 22 year-old parses through the emotions of heartbreak with honest observations and eye-opening clarity. Amira will have you playing this track again and again and again. And with every listen, you’ll find something new to fall in love with, be it her flawless falsetto, hauntingly beautiful lyricism, the track's impeccable production, or anything in between. This is an incredibly impressive track from a remarkably special artist. Stream on Spotify: