U.Noe Releases Emo Alternative Track

Quick Thoughts: Las Vegas native, U.Noe really tugs on your heart strings in his latest release, “Don’t Go”. Written about that moment in time where people fall out of love, U.Noe was completely successful in portraying this raw sadness through his dispirited tone. The song is about denial and wanting everything to be okay even if it’s inauthentic - and you can truly feel this throughout the entirety of the song. The gentle ukulele strums and soft beats only elevate the sorrowful nature of the piece.

Being able to articulate such complex feelings into any art form takes immense talent and skill - U.Noe’s got both. Exploring passions in both music and graphic design, whatever U.Noe does, he does it with intent and drive. Completely self-taught in all things music, U.Noe writes and records all his work himself. Doing everything from A-Z is one thing, but being genuine, sounding unique, and bringing something new to the table is what can make or break you. U.Noe expresses all three of those characteristics so I’ll be betting on U.Noe. Stream on Spotify: