Eli Dasilva Drops Breezy Indie-Pop Track

Quick Thoughts:17 year old Canada native, Eli Dasilva, dropped a breezy indie-pop EP recently that will be a great addition to your summertime playlist. This 4-track EP pushes the boundaries of your classic indie-pop style as Dasilva shows immense skill in incorporating psychedelic rock tunes, a bit of groove, and some pop-punk vibes. Pulling inspiration from all corners of music, Dasilva brings us the smooth vocals of Mac Miller with the killer instrumentals of Tame Impala. The potential is limitless for Eli Dasilva.

Out of all the songs on the EP, “Doubts” really hits the spot. The song opens with birds chirping and waves crashing- the vibe is set and then Dasilva just takes it away. He created this song with the intention of listening to it with the windows down in the car on a cool summer day. I couldn’t help but see if “Doubts” would pass the vibe check so I took it for a drive- it passed with flying colors. Stream on Spotify: