thomTide Releases Latest Hit, "doveTailed"

Quick Thoughts: This is now the third time in a week that I’ve written about thomTide, and I just can’t say enough good things. The San Diego native is quietly putting together one of the most impressive bodies of work that I’ve seen in a long long time. On his latest single, doveTailed, thomTide brings a distinctly cool alternative R&B sound with an upbeat nature and a breezy melody. I’ve listened to this song over and over again for the last few days, and I can honestly say that I have a different takeaway from every listen. From the production to the passionate lyricism to the easy-going melodies, doveTailed is a masterpiece. thomTide shows off his unique ability to pull the listener in with a hook-heavy style and the track’s staccato piano chords and electric snare drums. thomTide is one of the most impressive artists I’ve had the pleasure of covering at Qore. The man is ridiculously talented, and every one of his songs is incredible. Stream on Spotify and make sure to stay up to date with every one of his future releases, coming biweekly all year long: