P Grace Releases Fresh New Single, "Drive Me Crazy"

Quick Thoughts: P Grace has an effortlessly experimental style. Making use of chopped up beats, electronic overlays, and warm melodies, P Grace immediately draws comparisons to an eclectic group of artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, Still Woozy, and Cautious Clay. His most recent release, Drive Me Crazy, sees him put his creative process on full display. After tearing his ACL, he wasn’t able to use instruments, so he went back to square one and reinvented his song-making process. He explains, “It felt like the universe was pulling me out of “guitar music” and into a new space. I was starting songs with a melody and then chopping samples up, instead of playing organic instruments.” The result is a refreshing, entirely unique song that could see Grace head in an entirely new direction moving forward. Drive Me Crazy is a fresh bop, with toe-tapping melodies, heavy hooks, and impeccable production. There’s something special about this dude, and I can’t wait to hear more new music from him shortly. Stream on Spotify: