Lecx Stacy Drops "Drowning In My Sleep"

Quick Thoughts: Every once in a while, I’ll hear a song and seriously wonder how someone can have such immense talent to create something so unique. After hearing Drowning in My Sleep I had this exact thought. From beginning to end, the dynamic sonic landscape paired with Lecx’s compelling voice have you hooked for the full 2 minutes and 53 seconds. The song begins with choir type vocals, goes through an indie pop phase, and ends with emo-rap vibes. That may sound crazy, but Lecx executed it perfectly.

This seems to be the trend with all of his songs on his latest album, Bundok. Every song is not only perfectly unique from the songs we listen to everyday, but they’re also perfectly unique from each other. Yet somehow they still complement one another to sound like a cohesive project. That’s when artistry transcends to visionary. Lecx is mysterious and intriguing - I have no idea what his next move is going to be, but I’m excited. Stream on Spotify: