BOWIE Teams Up with NAKED CAT for Incredible Debut Single, "Easy"

Quick Thoughts: You won’t be able to get BOWIE’s newest single, Easy, out of your head - that’s a guarantee. Teaming up with NAKED CAT, BOWIE manages to put together a thoughtful, poignant, new-age pop song that will instantly remind you of some of pop music’s most unique, influential female stars such as Maggie Rogers and Remi Wolf. The Hamburg native is nothing short of a visionary, a rule-breaker willing to challenge the conventional boundaries of pop music. Easy is an indie-pop song with warm, summery vibes and nostalgic lyricism, as BOWIE looks to remind herself that “everything is finite - and therefore valuable.” With her authentic lyricism and unique sound, BOWIE wastes no time establishing herself as a future star. With her infectious hook-heavy style and her irresistible vocals, BOWIE is special. With an EP coming at the end of the year, I get the feeling that BOWIE could take off in a matter of months. I can’t wait to hear some more music from her. Stream on Spotify: