Andrew Weaver's Flexes His Pop with a Bop Style on "Easy Come Easy Go"

Quick Thoughts: It takes a special vocalist to stop you right in your tracks, but that’s what Andrew Weaver does. Hailing from Bremen, Georgia, Weaver describes his sound as pop with a bop - and that’s exactly what he delivers on his first release of 2021, Easy Come Easy Go. Weaver infuses subtle R&B influences into this well-produced, hook-heavy single; the result is an easy going alt-pop sound that is nothing short of stirring. With his powerful vocals leading the way, Weaver leaves no doubt that he’s a star on this new track. For such a young artist, Weaver has a real, undeniable presence that shines through on this track. If he continues to realize more songs of this quality, there’s no saying where his career could take him. Andrew Weaver is one of the most exciting rising artists we’ve come across in a while. Keep an eye out for him. Stream on Spotify: