Ellur Releases Beautiful Indie-Pop Track "Moments"

Quick Thoughts: One of my favorite things to hear in music is the excellent use of a synth based soundscape. I guess that's why I lit up with a smile within the first 3 seconds of listening to Ellur’s newest release “Moments”. This 20-year-old indie-pop artist has a voice and a vibe that radiates star energy. Ellur’s authenticity is easy to hear as she fills this intense instrumentation with her velvety vocals. She is a true talent that only comes by once in a while.

“Moments” is an anthem about rediscovering personal power and growing as an individual after a heartbreak. The synths were used as a homage to the 80’s idols she grew up listening to. The voice and sonic style that Ellur expresses demands your attention. I have no doubt that Ellur is going to be a big name and I think “Moments” is a track that could take her there. Stream On Spotify: