Emma G Debuts with Irresistible Track, "Like You"

Quick Thoughts: It didn’t take long for Emma G to establish herself as a special artist. The Nashville resident released her debut single, Like You, on Wednesday, and you will not want to miss this one. Emma G’s distinctive style - an irresistible mix of pop, hip-hop, and alternative R&B - allows her to stand out in a crowded genre. In this track, the 21 year-old’s luscious vocals stand out over the percussion-heavy beat, as she flows in and out of the rhythm and proves masterful at conveying her emotions lyrically. Emma G is a star; she’s got a subtle confidence and an undeniable presence that will make you want to see her perform in person. This is certainly not the last we’ll hear from her, and we’ll have Like You on repeat until her next release. Stream on Spotify:

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