Great Barrier Releases Blissful Track "EPHEMERA"

Quick Thoughts: Listening to Great Barrier’s latest single, EPHEMERA, isn’t simply nice or enjoyable, it’s an experimental sonic experience. In the first few seconds, we’re introduced to these dreamy guitar chords that transcend you into a blissful state. You sit there, patiently waiting for the song to deliver more of this pure euphoria and it does. The bass beats hit hard and deep, the kind that you really feel. The weight of these instrumentals are juxtaposed by the light and airy vocals sung by the mastermind behind it all, Jackson Firlik.

New York native Jackson Firlik, wears many hats as he is the singer, songwriter, sound engineer, and producer of his music. Words cannot express the monumental talent that Firlik has already expressed with only two released singles to date. These two songs gave us just a glimpse of what Firlik is capable of. I am very eager to hear more of this signature sound and you should be too.

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