Russ Reiss Drops New Pop-Punk Gem, "everything (i need you to know)"

Quick Thoughts: If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of Russ Reiss. Having already written about his work last week, we’re back to tell you about his latest single, everything (i need you to know). The self-taught artist from Park City, Utah has a refined pop-punk style that makes use of a grandiose sound, impeccable production, and Russ’s cutting vocals to make waves. In everything (i need you to know), Russ shows off his vulnerable lyricism, opening the track singing, “I been keeping to myself these days / ‘Cause I don’t want to worry about the things I say / Been stuck in my ways for a while now.” With only three songs out, I’m so so so impressed with how polished Russ already is. He seems to know exactly what he wants to do when he records a track. We better get used to hearing the name Russ Reiss; he’s just getting started, and I have a feeling we’ll be getting a ton of quality releases from him shortly. Stream on Spotify: