Everything is Fine - Anna Shoemaker

A few months ago, I was introduced to Anna Shoemaker's music. Her songwriting ability made an immediate impression on me. From the instrumentation to her lyrics, her music evokes teenage angst lined with preternatural self-awareness. Anna simplifies complex thoughts with ease, using blunt and relatable lyrics that make me feel like I know the person on the other side of my Spotify app.

Anna looks to build on the momentum she gained last year, which culminated in one of her best performing singles, "It's Depression." The more I listen to her catalog, the more I notice she still has so much room to grow, and I think it's very clear if you listen to her latest single, "Everything is Fine."

The track feels like Paramore meets a modern age folk singer. Her voice slowly lulled me in, and I could hear her building up towards something special. When the build up comes to a boiling point, she drops into a rock-like bridge and hook, using electric guitars and her emotive vocals to fill out the soundscape. Overwhelming doubt preoccupies her as she tries to convince herself everything will work itself out.

From the cover art to music video, Anna carefully curates everything to support the message she has embedded not so subtly in the song. The cover art shows her clinging to her guitar as if it's her only salvation, while the video depicts her in a state of lunacy. She relayed a similar message on her last single, another not-so-self-assured track titled "Change My Mind." In my opinion, "Everything is Fine" and "Change My Mind" are two of Anna's best tracks to date, and made me appreciate her evolution as an artist.

I think she has huge potential with the rock-infused style that she's leaned towards on her past two tracks and I hope to hear more of it on her next single. For now, check out the video for "Everything is Fine."