EXUM Debuts with Haunting Pop Song, "Dark Kept Secret"

Quick Thoughts: It’s rare for an artist to debut with a song as beautifully crafted as EXUM’s first single, Dark Kept Secret. A former defensive back in the NFL, EXUM makes music that resembles the game he used to play professionally: poetic, hard-hitting, and breathtaking all at once. Dark Kept Secret is a haunting, genre-bending pop track that will draw you in from its first intoxicating note. EXUM’s vocals are silky smooth, and he delivers the track’s poignant lyrics almost breathlessly, as though he finds it exhausting to shoulder the burden of his emotions. All in all, this is a beautiful song, crafted by an artist who is in complete control of his sound and message. We hope to hear much more from EXUM very soon. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Cage the Elephant, The Neighbourhood