Saint Joshua Releases Soulful New Single, "Fake Friends"

Quick Thoughts: Saint Joshua draws the listener right in on his latest single, Fake Friends. A jazzy R&B offering, Fake Friends makes use of funky guitar riffs, gritty production, and Joshua’s soulful vocals. Fake Friends offers a thoughtful perspective about the people in life who have ill intentions, as Saint Joshua shows off his ability to pen poignant, thematic lyrics. Yet perhaps the most impressive thing about Saint Joshua? He’s just got an effortless, casual cool about him. This song will quickly get your toe tapping, and by your third listen, you’ll be singing right along with the man. Obviously, Fake Friends isn’t the type of track that we typically showcase on Qore, but there’s something about this track that just made me share it. It’s so artistic and pleasant, and I know you’ll enjoy it. Fake Friends is the first single off of Saint Joshua’s sophomore EP, due in the new year. Stream on Spotify: