Kimia Jay Releases Haunting New Dark Pop Song, "Fallacy"

Quick Thoughts: Every artist takes a different approach to songwriting; it’s part of what makes music so incredible. Where an artist draws inspiration from is in itself a part of the artistic process. On her latest single, Fallacy, Kimia Jay draws inspiration from the story of Black Swan, as she explores the concept of the shadow self and advocates for self-love. With her haunting dark pop style, understated (yet beautiful) melodies, smooth vocals, Kimia Jay makes use of a luscious soundscape to tell this story. Fallacy is just her third song on streaming platforms, and her first release in over a year, but it is well worth the wait. She has such a beautiful songwriting touch, and her crooning voice offers the perfect delivery for these lyrics. I’m hoping to hear more music from Kimia Jay shortly; I get the feeling that we'll be hearing about this Canadian singer-songwriter and producer for a long time to come. Stream on Spotify: