Bensbeendead. Releases Groovy New Single, "FEELS LIKE DANCING"

Quick Thoughts: If you aren’t yet familiar with Bensbeendead., it’s time to get hip. The Portland, Maine native is putting together a seriously impressive catalogue of indie-pop hits, and doing his own thing. With his patented unique production style and rangy vocals, Ben effortlessly breaks rules and barriers, challenging the typical conventions of modern pop music in the process. With his latest release, FEELS LIKE DANCING, Ben continues to stand out. Infused with elements of rock, psychedelic funk, and soul, FEELS LIKE DANCING is an irresistibly groovy single that will have you playing this track on repeat time and again. With each additional release, Ben proves time and again just how incredible he is: stylistically unique, a world-beating talent, and a visionary artist. FEELS LIKE DANCING is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far. Stream on Spotify: