Ashley Mehta Releases First Single of 2021, "FEELS LIKE THAT"

Quick Thoughts: Ashley Mehta demands your attention. Hailing from the Bay Area, Ashley has an irresistible, pop-infused R&B sound that draws the listener in immediately. In her latest release, FEELS LIKE THAT, she begins by singing over a piano-laden beat that eventually gives way to a trap-inspired, percussive-heavy rhythm. Throughout the entire track, Ashley shines with her delivery; her vocals are powerful, rangy, and versatile, and she evokes strong emotion with every damn note she hits. Pairing her voice with her clever, deceptively heartfelt lyricism, she proves to be a dynamic songwriter as well. Ashley Mehta is one of the most talented artists we’ve had the pleasure of covering; she can do it all. FEELS LIKE THAT is her first release of 2021, and I hope she has more new music on the way shortly. Until then, I’ll be listening to her stacked catalogue on repeat, and I recommend you do the same. Ashley Mehta is a star. Tune in now. Stream on Spotify: