DWLLRS Continue to Stand Out with New Track, "Fiction"

Quick Thoughts: Over the past year and a half, DWLLRS have become one of the most impressive acts on the independent music scene, thanks to the irresistible pop sound that they’ve shown across their entire discography. With their latest single, Fiction, the Southern California duo shows off many of the same qualities that we’ve seen from them in the past: breezy melodies, stunning vocals, and impeccable production. But this track also shows a willingness to expand their sound, as they incorporate subtle elements of hyper-pop that we haven’t heard from them before. This gradual growth suggests that we haven’t heard the full extent of DWLLR’s genreless sound just yet - and we can’t wait to hear how they continue to develop sonically. The duo, consisting of Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon, is effortless in everything they do. They aren’t afraid to break the rules, and the result is a unique, vibe-worthy style that we can’t get enough of. Fiction is a must-have on your favorite playlist right now. Stream on Spotify: