Mark Richards Releases New Indie-Pop Gem, "Floating"

Quick Thoughts: Mark Richards has been flying under the radar for far too long. Since the release of his debut single, Medicine, the Florida native has quietly become one of the most impressive new acts on the independent scene. Richards infuses subtle elements of hip-hop and R&B into his indie-pop sound, resulting in a toe-tapping, fun-loving pop style. On his latest release, Floating, Richards sings over an easy-going ukulele and impeccable (yet simple) production, showing off his silky smooth vocals and ear for melody. Floating is the perfect song for summer - it’s light, fun, and a great track to sing along to. This is a song you can play while at the beach, while having a few drinks with some friends, or while driving at night (and I'll certainly be listening to his music all summer long). I’m honestly shocked that Richards hasn’t blown up yet. Even with only three songs released on streaming services, there’s a remarkable amount of quality in his discography. Across all three tracks, Richards offers an irresistible sound, incredible vocals, and impressive songwriting. I’ll be following Richards very, very closely as he continues to release more music. I just get the feeling that he could take off at any moment now. Stream on Spotify: