Florrie Releases Indie-Pop Gem, "Walk Away"

Quick Thoughts: In her latest single, Walk Away, out today, Brighton-based indie-pop artist Florrie conveys the flood of emotions associated with leaving someone you may still love. Bringing to mind Maggie Rogers in beats and Taylor Swift in lyrics, Florrie establishes her sound as a force to be reckoned with. The song is light and fun; while diving into a deeper narrative, the beat steadily carries the story along. The artistic choice in repetitive vocals in the background gives the song a unique complexity. Lyrics like “Keep on calling for you, it's a habit I don't want to lose” contrast starkly against the slowly rising synth in the background, drawing listeners in who are hoping to understand Florrie’s new dialogue. It's definitely a song that could unite a crowded room post-pandemic, singing the relatable lyrics and jumping along to the beat. Following many years of releases, this new track fits well into Florrie’s development into new soundscapes, reflecting her earlier 2021 release, Hours. The song shows a less breathy take to vocals and more concise beats than the track that shot Florrie to fame, Real Love. Walk Away is a really exciting track, and we can’t wait to hear more from her shortly. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: Hours, Little White Lies

For Fans of: Maggie Rogers, Taylor Swift