For Good - Katie Phelan

A debut single has a lot to accomplish all in the span of a few minutes. It’s your first chance to share your story with the world on such a mass scale. It’s your opportunity to raise your hand and proclaim; “This is who I am.” With her debut single For Good, Katie Phelan has emerged as both a talented singer-songwriter, and a harbinger of good things to come.

The track opens with ambient crowd noise and the subtle scratch of calloused fingers on acoustic guitar strings. Reversed lyrics lead into the first verse as we’re introduced to Phelan’s unique sound. A voice that’s simultaneously strong and vulnerable, practically whispering woes in our ears. Ambience builds with ethereal echoes wading through the white space. Delicate picking of guitar strings evolve to rhythmic strumming to accompany Phelan’s harmonized vocals. The rest of the players are invited in. A warm bass line works in tandem with subdued drums to fill out the low end. In turn, the production deepens while Phelan’s vocals remain crisp, steering the ship forward. Chirping of birds and diaphanous vocal backings coat the track like dew on morning grass.

For Good focuses on the all-encompassing “unknowing” that comes with loving somebody, and is beautifully contextualized with the passage of time. We move through seasons of feeling. Springtime brings doubt, regardless of budding flowers and the return of warmth. The spring turns to summer which fades into autumn, where unpredictability persists. But something beautiful happens here, there’s a realization that no matter how unsure things have been to this point, Phelan’s other half hasn’t left. As the chorus breaks through, a grand piano is added to the mix to bring the production to its full potential. We’re left with the notion that love is often met with “a mess, or two or three,” but it’s still worth striving toward.

With her first track, Katie Phelan delivered an alluring ballad bolstered by a rich and full sound. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but if For Good is any indication of what’s on the horizon we’re in for something special. Keep Phelan top of mind in 2022. Stream on Spotify: