For Lucy - Nadia Kamrath

Indie-pop singer and songwriter, Nadia Kamrath, flourishes vocally in her newest release, For Lucy. Not unlike her previous tracks, Nadia finds herself in the middle of a hyper-specific, yet extremely relatable single that can easily translate to the listeners’ personal experiences as much as her own.

Unlike tracks like Retrospections and Confessions, Nadia focuses less on lost love and more on the character of Lucy, which one can only assume is a sister or sister-like figure in the singer's life. This new area of songwriting feels like a feminine power ballad, highlighted by her most impressive (and catchy) harmonies to date.

Whoever Lucy is…our narrator is trying to do better by her, and that is a message we can all relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed my multiple listens of this record, and if you like deep, introspective indie-pop, you will too.