Fortnight Finds Vol. III

Welcome to the third installment of Fortnight Finds, and the first for 2021. This week, we’re wrapping up the week with an Irish electrosoul record that will sound great later this year when we can safely return to dancefloors and house parties, a great new release from one of the funniest people in rap and some sunny Argentinian soul to help get you through the winter.

Sonny Falls - All That Has Come Apart / Once Did Not Exist

Sonny Falls is a project led by songwriter Ryan Ensley, a longtime staple of Chicago DIY. All That Has Come Apart / Once Did Not Exist is a rangy 16-track album that encompasses many of the sounds the somewhat nebulous term “DIY” generally describes, from acoustic balladry to distorted alternative rock. If the indefinite pause from live music over the past year has had you hankering for nights of vaguely incongruous lineups at basement shows, this is an album for you. Stream it on Bandcamp:

Fehdah - Kinematics

Fehdah makes Afropop for the space age. An Irish songwriter with roots in Sierra Leone and a degree in astrophysics, her music is exactly as barrier-blurring and future looking as her background. On Kinematics, she pulls sounds from British and Irish hip-hop, traditional west African rhythms and house synths to create music that sounds like it just might predict what you’ll hear at house parties for the next decade. Stream it on Spotify:

Michael Christmas - Hiding

The sound I most associate with Michael Christmas is his cackle after Mac Miller says “Eat the booty like junk food” on “Grab He Hand,” their 2015 collaboration. Very few rappers have as much unrestrained, on-the-surface fun with their music as Christmas. There’s plenty of that on the Boston rapper’s newest project Hiding, but also more serious stuff too -- songs about community and friendship and dreaming big. Stream it on Spotify:

RAT!hammock - Everything All At Once Forever

On Everything All At Once Forever, RAT!hammock wade through the uniquely young adult feeling captured by the album’s title, a slightly angsty sense that everything in your life simultaneously yet to happen and also happening right now. Musically RAT!hammock do a wonderful job of balancing booth the glowing haze of that filling with the angst underneath, with carefully constructed summery riffs set against occasionally anxiety-riddled lyrics and a few truly classic-sounding grand singalong choruses. Stream it on Bandcamp:

Market - 2

Market creates bedroom pop at its bedroom poppiest, in that they make upbeat pop music that is nonetheless cozy, relaxing and intimate. 2 is full of reverbed-out guitars and synths which wash over you in a way that makes you want to lean back in a comfortable chair, stare at the ceiling and just space out for a little bit. Stream it on Bandcamp:

Nicolas Carou - Antes, último

Antes, ultimo is a lovely, sunny piece of Argentinian neo-soul that might help conjure enough warm thoughts to help sustain you through a uniquely difficult winter in America. Stream it on Bandcamp: