Fortnight Finds Vol. VI

In this latest installment of Fortnight Finds we’re relaxing to some Canadian indie pop, listening to some South Florida emo and popping a cassette tape into a ‘90s Honda Civic to practice drifting in an empty Target parking lot. Enjoy!

Really From - Really From

Based out of Boston, Really From is a stew of musical influences and sounds, mixing a little bit of 2010s indie with contemporary jazz to create introspective songs about identity and inheritance and belonging. As you might be able to guess from the name -- a play on the cliche racist question asked of visibly nonwhite people -- Really From’s two lead singers Chris Lee-Rodrigues and Michi Tassey are interested in interrogating their experiences with race and ethnicity in America. It can be heavy at times, but the band also creates wonderfully dreamy soundscapes, and punctuates the verses with often beautiful instrumentals. Stream on Bandcamp:

Home Is Where - i became birds

South Florida has a long, long history of excellent emo, and Home Is Where fit right into that lineage. Like any great emo record, i became birds really captures a range of sounds and, well, emotions, including folksier baladry like “l. ron hubbard was pretty cool” earlier in the tracklist and absolute rippers like “assisted harakiri” later. Any band that can pull off the transition from a dreamy “I wanna pet every puppy I see” chorus to a screamo outro the way Home Is Where handle “sewn together from the membrane of the great sea cucumber” is worth paying attention to. Stream on Bandcamp:

The 3rd Estate - Heart is Beating EP

The 3rd Estate is a sprawling, London-based jazz hip-hop fusion project that somehow managed to turn contributions from no less than 14 musicians into a tight 4-song EP. Featuring locked-in grooves and melodic flows, The 3rd Estate makes music way to the danceable end of the jazz hip-hop spectrum. Just the fact that a such a large group of people managed to record an album that captures so much live energy while recording under Covid-19 restrictions is a minor miracle, to say nothing of the quality of the instrumental performances and the tight-knit interaction between the band and the vocalists. Stream on Bandcamp:

Moderator - Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is a forthcoming EP by Greek hip-hop producer Moderator, and its self-styled as the audio equivalent of a late-night trip to the movies. From the three songs already available on Bandcamp, you can get the picture of the kind of cinematic sounds he’s working with: pulls from spaghetti Western rockabilly, psychedelia, blues, and some slightly cheesy voice-over make you feel like you’ve just settled into a cracked vinyl seat for a midnight showing of a cult classic from the ‘70s. Stream on Bandcamp:

ThorHighHeels - PositiveYellowDX

It’s hard to pitch ThorHighHeels’ PositiveYellowDX any better than how they describe their cassette on Bandcamp: “A high quality cassette to listen to in your COOL 1980s - 1990s automobile.” That’s not to say that you need to be driving a 1993 Impala to get the most out of this record: It’s just that the California DJ is so completely tapped into an extremely specific aesthetic that it’s hard to conjure the sounds without invoking that image. If you ever booted up a street racing game on a PlayStation 2, this project might evoke some nostalgia.