Gaff Releases Incredible New Single, "Friday on a Tuesday"

Quick Thoughts: It’s extremely rare for an artist to develop a signature sound early in their career, yet that’s exactly what Gaff has managed to do. Over the last couple of years, he has released just seven singles. In the process, he’s managed to become one of the most can’t-miss artists on the independent scene right now, thanks to his unforgettable blend of alternative rock and hip-hop. In his latest release, Friday on a Tuesday, out today, Gaff once again lets that alluring sound shine. Throughout his entire discography, he has shown a penchant for rocking over guitar-laden beats, and he continues to do so in this hook-heavy, melodic track. With his trademark gritty vocals, he delivers his lyrics with a subtle, confident indifference: “I can’t complain, they play my voice overseas!” This song is, unsurprisingly, another gem - and we’ve come to expect nothing less from the young Irishman. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Gaff’s full body of work, there’s no time like the present. His entire catalogue exudes quality, and you’ll find a bunch of tracks you can vibe with. Stream on Spotify: