BLK Drops Dope New Track "FWM"

Quick Thoughts: I absolutely love everything about BLK and let me tell you why. This Toronto based female trio is making music for all the right reasons. The three members, Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay formed BLK to set a standard for women working together in music. The group was formed completely organically in the studio. The girls - unknown to each other - showed up, vibed out, and left as a new, killer trio. They each write their own verses and all contribute to the greater creative direction of the group. BLK knows they got it going on and you can hear it in their latest release FWM. FWM tells a story about becoming an empowered woman through sexuality. Hearing this story being told through three unique, velvety voices is blissful. BLK is entering the scene at a pivotal cultural moment. I think with their originality, talent, and sound they’re going to get big fast. Stream on Spotify: