Takkin Releases Unique Commercial Pop Track

Quick Thoughts: NYC-based singer songwriter Tobias Wong (a.k.a Takkin) brings us on a sonic roller coaster with his latest release “Galaxy”. The pulsating electronic beats keep the piece connected as Takkin gets extremely expressive with instrumentals throughout the entire song. It takes immense skill to bring a song through so many unique phases; Takkin executed this seamlessly. Through this impressive soundscape, Takkin’s gentle but intriguing prominent vocals tell the story about being disoriented in a liminal space with no real direction of home. Again, a difficult storyline to articulate but Takkin’s lyricism goes beyond just getting the job done. Listening to Takkin’s previous pieces, I can hear the evolution of his music. After listening to “Galaxy” I think he’s truly found and perfected his sound. Stream on Spotify: