Téa Texier Releases Beautiful Debut Single, "Garden Smiles"

Quick Thoughts: You can hardly believe that Téa Texier is only 16 years old. The London native just released her debut single, Garden Smiles, a beautiful, poignant acoustic track that addresses the uncertainty of the current world and a relationship. Between her mature lyricism and her powerful vocals, Téa Texier will strike a chord with any listener lucky enough to come across her song. With a debut like Garden Smiles, it seems like Téa is just getting started. She has a remarkable presence for such a young artist, and I can’t wait to watch her continue to develop. As someone who grew up listening to coffee house and indie-folk, I instantly fell in love with Garden Smiles ; this song offered the perfect amount of nostalgia, even as she maintained her own distinct sound. There is not a doubt in my mind that Téa will be a staple of the indie-folk genre for a long, long time. Stream on Spotify: