HOAX Continue to Stand Out with New Track, "goldeneyes"

Quick Thoughts: Throughout their entire discography, HOAX have effectively established themselves as some of the most consistent acts on the indie/alternative scene. With their hazy sound and holistic artistry, HOAX have a unique, easily listenable style that appeals to listeners all over the world. Their latest offering, goldeneyes, is a perfect example of what makes the band so damn special. Over a gloriously lush soundscape, the band examines how life changes. Deriving the song’s title from the name of a fictional drug, HOAX shows off a rare ability to write witty, tongue-in-cheek songs, all while underscoring profound themes. My favorite thing about HOAX is that they are artists in the truest sense of the word. They approach their craft thoughtfully and meaningfully, and they are beginning to put together a seriously impressive catalogue. Stream on Spotify: