Ellie Dixon Releases New Alt-Pop Gem, "Green Grass"

Quick Thoughts: Hailing from Cambridge, Ellie Dixon is an artist and producer who has been building up a seriously impressive catalogue of alt-pop hits. Her latest release, Green Grass, a swinging track with imagery-driven lyricism and Ellie’s smooth, rangy vocals. With a slight irreverence and an irresistible style, Ellie infuses subtle elements of R&B and jazz into this track. Ellie shows off some real, undeniable star power in this track: her delivery is flawless, her melodies are perfect, and her presence is awesome. Although Green Grass is the first I’ve heard of Ellie, I listened through some of her other work and I’m incredibly impressed. Throughout her entire discography, the same remarkable vocals and ear for melody stand out. If she continues to release songs like this one, it’s only a matter of time until she takes off. Stream on Spotify: