GUSPY Captures Perfect Beach Vibes in Debut Track, "STEEZ LUÍZ"

Quick Thoughts: You likely haven’t heard about GUSPY yet, but you’ll want to remember the name. Hailing from Santa Ana, the 21 year-old takes a ton of inspiration from his Southern California roots, infusing surf rock and reggae into his distinct, funky R&B sound. Sure enough, his first track on streaming services, STEEZ LUÍZ, takes you right to the beach thanks to the track’s infectiously groovy vibe and psychedelic bass line. GUSPY, the performing moniker of Jake DeGuzman, even opens the track singing about having his toes in the sand. With his multitude of influences and bilingual lyrics, he will remind fans of Omar Apollo. But make no mistake about it, GUSPY is paving his own way with his fresh sound that will have you hooked after just one listen to STEEZ LUÍZ. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Omar Apollo, Mac Ayres