Adam Pastel Drops Dope Track "H8U"

Quick Thoughts: Adam Pastel’s latest single “H8U” takes us on a sonic as well as an emotional rollercoaster. Adam Pastel narrates a complex storyline over a trap-esque hip-hop beat. “H8U” is about a relationship that fades out only to find a replacement for that significant other who brings a love that was not reciprocated previously. As I said, quite complex, yet Pastel articulates this with ease thanks to his organic flow. The last 30 seconds of the song exhibit a super intricate beat and vocal manipulation, but the skillful crafting of this segment ensures that it fits perfectly into the landscape of the piece.

20-year-old Adam Pastel has been grinding out a notable catalogue of music over the past few years. Hailing from the Bay Area, he takes his personal experiences and emotions, and translates them into song. Pastel carefully blends pop, R&B, and hip-hop to create a sound that uniquely defines him from the rest. I highly recommend giving “H8U” a listen - and checking out his debut EP Mistaken Memories as well. Adam Pastel is doing something special right now. Stream On Spotify: