Hallie - Ramsey the Fourth

While I was preparing to write on Ramsey the Fourth's new single "Hallie," I dove into his catalog on Spotify, which isn't that extensive, but carries a depth that few artists develop with their first six releases. That's to say I spent more time listening to his past releases than I had planned and really enjoyed honing in on the progression of his sound.

Since 2019, Ramsey has been releasing tracks at a very calculated rate: he's dropped two singles in each of the last three years. It's easy to say that independent artists should be releasing more music, however, if the track is fantastic, I'll always forget about how long the artist kept me waiting. Entitled much? Maybe. Eager to hear emerging artists drop new music? Always.

I think Ramsey has adopted this acute strategy. Sure, I could argue that three or four tracks a year would be ideal, but if an artist is focused on creating their best music, they aren't pre-determining how many tracks they are going to drop. Ramsey's favoring his evolution as an artist in quality over quantity, adding a hint of mystery to his growth and creating excitement for his next release by doing less, not more. In a world where artists need to compete for our attention spans, Ramsey chooses to play it cool and lets us gravitate towards him, knowing we'll cozy up to his music at some point.

On his latest track, "Hallie," Ramsey gives us yet another reason to be patient with his release schedule, asking us to trust him as he promises to deliver. The feel-good track opens up with warm, ambient guitars before Ramsey's cool, laid back voice takes the reins. He addresses the excitement of youth and fleeting love, knowing that things aren't always made to last.

Compared to his past releases, Ramsey uses less filtering on his vocals, and it surprised me how full his natural voice sounds and feels. I could see the track performing very well as an acoustic track, and I wonder if Ramsey wrote it with that intention. He's positioned himself for an exciting year and I can't wait to hear what's next for the emerging talent.

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