Matilda Cole Releases Spooky New Single, "Halloween"

Quick Thoughts: Matilda Cole is quickly establishing herself as one of the most promising young artists on the indie-pop scene. Throughout her entire discography, Matilda has shown off a deft, imagery-driven lyrical touch, complementing her silky smooth vocals perfectly. With her latest release, Halloween, Matilda continues to show what makes her such an incredible, well-rounded artist. On the surface, this song is an ode to Matilda’s favorite holiday, but dig deeper and you’ll hear thoughtful ruminations about loneliness and isolation, companionship and self-love. She explains, “This song is about having to beg someone to be kind to you, and to spend time with you. About how you would do anything to make them stay, just so you’re not alone.” The Brighton native approaches her music with such artistry - she writes brilliantly, she sings beautifully, and her melodies are to die for. With Halloween, Matilda simply flexes her muscles, showing the world just how damn talented she is. Stream on Spotify: