TkMN Flashes His Ability on New Single, "Hardaway"

Quick Thoughts: There is a ridiculous amount of talented young rappers from Canada. One of the finest - and least known, I might add - is TkMN, a 21 year-old hailing from Ontario. TkMN is, quite simply, absurdly talented. His latest release, Hardaway, is actually a collection of freestyles that were put together over the same beat; that he is able to turn these disparate recordings into one cohesive, hard-hitting track is in itself a reflection of his talent. Throughout the song, he shows off his ability to string together quick, hard-hitting bars with his crooning delivery and effortless flow. With only four songs out on streaming services right now, we’ve only just seen the beginning from TkMN, and I think we can safely expect to hear a lot more in the near future. With a talent like this, it’s a matter of when, not if. Stream on Spotify: